A Memoir: Why I Love Slope Wallet
By Tommy Slopes

Slope Finance
3 min readJun 10, 2022


This is a note from one wallet-super user to others (and to newbies as well!)

I’m Tom, a Solana wallet super user, now helping lead Community at Slope Finance. I wanted to write a note to the community on why I love Slope, and what drove me to chase them down and join as Co-Head of Community. As far as I’m concerned, Slope is today’s gold-standard among web3 wallets, and I’ll explain why in the below.

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For those of you new to the Solana ecosystem, the low fees and extremely fast transaction speeds (relative to what we see on Ethereum) are a god-send.

If you’ve experienced $50+ gas fees and 20+ minute wait-times for transactions to confirm, hopefully you’re like me, and have found a better way. On Solana, transaction fees are < $0.01 and confirmations complete in seconds, which feels like a miracle. The freedom is amazing.

If you have made this same transition to Solana, the logical first question upon arrival is…is there something like Metamask on Solana?

Answer: Yes, there is.. and better!

Of all the Solana wallets you can download and use, few come anywhere near the ease-of-use and low-fees of Slope Wallet. Here’s the 5 reasons I love I love it, beyond these core facets:

1. It’s multi-platform

Not only is it available as an extension for your browser, but it’s also available as an iOS app, an Android app, and a fully-free Android APK (which doesn’t require an App Store).

2. It’s open and friendly

Most wallets on Solana are closed-source browser extensions with little history, whereas Slope is committed to an Open Source philosophy and is the most friendly wallet out there. Slope’s user-friendly nature even landed it tier-1 Venture backing from Sequoia, Solana, Jump Crypto, and FTX’s Sam Bankman Freid’s Alameda Research, among others.

3. It’s mobile optimized

While other wallets require you to sit at a computer, Slope allows you to be fully active and on-the-go. The mobile experience is butter-smooth and FAST.. no 10-second lags like other mobile wallets. The swap fees are also cheaper than every other wallet on Solana. Simply put.. Slope works well……and it doesn’t charge exorbitant fees in the meantime.

4. It’s cross-chain

There’s also a secret.. that no other Solana wallet offers yet..

Given, many of you are coming over from other chains, like Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, etc. guess how many Solana wallets support ETH?

Ready for the answer?

Which wallet is that?

So you can not only use Slope as a Metamask fill-in on Solana, but you can also replace Metamask itself by using Slope on ETH as well.

And what’s more.. support for additional EVM chains is coming soon!

5. It’s a full suite of use cases AND a wallet

Beyond being a fully robust self-custodial wallet, Slope hosts a full suite of embedded web3 use cases, including Swap, Dex, and a DApp Browser that gives you the freedom to discover and explore all DApps on ETH and Solana in a safe, easy, and mobile-first environment.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

In conclusion, the blockchain ecosystem is evolving into a fully cross-chain experience before our eyes, with different chains serving different priorities — e.g., ETH for longevity/security, Solana for speed/cost/security, and EVMs like FTM and BNB as high-potential next-frontiers. With Slope, all of this will be covered in one place in an easy, intuitive, safe experience. So clean up the clutter, be in control of your cross-chain existence, and use Slope!,

From one web3 wallet user to others — stop beating your head against the wall with the sea of mediocre options out there.. There’s a better way, trust me.. It’s called Slope Finance.





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