A Roundup of the First Batch of Dapps Integrated in Slope Wallet

To maintain the uptrend growth momentum, Slope Wallet, since its launch, has continuously been upgraded and optimized by the team by integrating with a variety of Solana-centric Dapps to smooth the user experience. Let’s look at our first batch partners and find out what benefits we have brought to you.


By integrating, Raydium, an on-chain order book AMM driving the evolution of DeFi, into the Slope Browser, its features such as Trade, Yield, and Pool can be accessible to more users. Besides, you are allowed to check out various collectibles on its NFT marketplace-Dropzone.


After connecting with SolFarm, the efficient Solana yield aggregator, more users can fully explore its features.

Mercurial Finance

The partnership with Mercurial Finance, aiming to build the liquidity platform for Stables on Solana, helps users access stable liquidity in the future.

Port Finance

Owning to the partnership with Port Finance, the First Non-Custodial Liquidity Protocol on Solana is a set of money market products that can be reachable by more users.


By integrating Bonfida, the full product suite that bridges the gap between Serum, Solana, and the user, users are allowed to use a “.SOL” domain to send SPL tokens directly in the future.

Mango Markets

After the connection with Mango, a decentralized autonomous organization, users are allowed to trade spot margined and perpetual futures markets in a timely manner.


Due to the connection with Solend, an algorithmic, decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing on Solana, users are provided to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets with the fastest speed and the lowest fee.


With the participation of Larix, users can test out the ultimate lending gateway on Solana. And it is worth bearing in mind that you can be part of the earliest miner of Larix just through a few clicks on the Slope Wallet App.


As the NFT keeps exploding in popularity, by virtue of DigitalEyes, more NFT collections are presented to users, such as Abstratica, Rox, and Solana Monkey Business.


Thanks to the partnership with Francium, being itself a DeFi Yield Strategy Platform, users will be able to access a full spectrum of services not only for DeFi users but strategy builders.

Cropper Finance

CropperFinance, the first permissionless yield farming protocol on Solana, enables any SPL project to offer yield farming to their holders just in a few clicks. Through this partnership, more users can better take advantage of this yield farming protocol.


Through the connection with BananaSwap, an AMM decentralized trading platform running on Solana with the design of Concentrated liquidity, users can experience its full-fledged asset Dashboard in a timely.

Apricot Finance

Through the connection with Apricot Finance, a next-gen lending protocol on Solana, users can leverage the power of X-Farm and Apricot Assist.

SMB Monkey Market

Thanks to the partnership with, SMB Monkey Market, an NFT marketplace based on Solana, users are provided with a wide array of pixel-style NFT collectibles.

More to be announced!

About Slope Finance

Building the World’s Best Mobile Decentralized Exchange and Wallet.

Slope Finance, a community-driven full-stack platform that consists of the sectors of DEX, Wallet, and NFTs built atop Solana, provides blazing-fast speed, nearly-zero transaction fees, and an intuitive interface to users. Our goal is to forge a ‘Robinhood of DeFi.’

The firstly-launched Slope Wallet, as the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana, provides

Slope DEX and Slope NFTs Market users with a better-than-ever user experience.




Slope Wallet — your web3 navigator. For the curious! The easiest way to discover web3 applications from one secure place.

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Slope Finance

Slope Finance

Slope Wallet — your web3 navigator. For the curious! The easiest way to discover web3 applications from one secure place.

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