Bringing SocialFi to Web3 Wallets, with Slope & Dialect

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2 min readJun 20, 2022


..A first-of-its-kind launch in the Web3 world!

Slope Wallet is not for the few, it’s for the many 🌏 Being multi-chain friendly, our mission is to raise awareness and bridge communities with projects from various ecosystems, all inside Slope Wallet.

Dialect’s integration is fully open source and free to use. They are currently integrating with some of the biggest projects on Solana.

A Summary: What can we expect from this integration?

  • Inbox: Send & receive wallet-to-wallet messages
  • Notifications: Personalized mobile alerts from dApps
  • Smart messaging

Watch this space! We will be diving deeper into SocialFi and Dialect’s new integration this week with visual walkthroughs and educational content. Make sure you follow @saydialect and @slope_financ to keep up to date on this partnership. Until next time, folks! 👋

SocialFi is coming to Slope Wallet!

Our latest wallet update will allow users to send and receive messages and receive push notifications directly from Solana dApps. All in-app! 🚨

A huge shout-out to Dialect on partnering with us to bring Slope Wallet users this functionality 🤝

June 27th marks the beginning of web3 mobile messaging, with Slope leading the way. Below, we cover the progressive potential of these new features:

Wallet-to-wallet Messages 📩 With this functionality, a possible use-case is allowing users to send and receive offers to other NFT owners on Slope Wallet. It could be that you want to buy an NFT, ask a simple question, or simply network with people in the scene.

Keeping up to date with in-app notifications 📲 Whether it’s a DAO proposal, getting notified about rewards and claimable yields or even a warning to avoid liquidations. In-app notifications add a layer of organization, with each dAPP having its own means of communicating updates to Slope Wallet users.

A breakthrough: You are your own gate-keeper 🔒 This is a first taste of web3’s composability with messaging in-app. As a best practice within Crypto, your wallet keys have to stay hidden, the same will now apply to your messages!



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