Slope & Dialect Launch Web3 Wallet Messaging

A small step for us, but a big step for taking web3 social.

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3 min readJul 11, 2022

The web3 mobile sector is coming strong — Slope Wallet messaging is here to lead the way.

Slope understands the power of web3 communication, and we’re delighted to announce a partnership with Dialect. Dialect is a smart messaging protocol that’ll help power our new SocialFi features.

About Dialect

Dialect is the first protocol featuring in-dApp notifications and wallet-to-wallet communication.

They are backed by some of the top investors in the ecosystem including Multicoin Capital, Jump Crypto, and Solana Ventures. The protocol also features email and SMS tools that bridge the gap between web2 and web3. With a clear roadmap, they’re taking smart messaging to the next level.

Dialect has three frameworks that make up the application:

  1. Monitoring Toolkit — This framework will monitor the blockchain and extract on-chain data. It will then take the data and transform it into messages. These messages can be sent to wallet users.
  2. Web Libraries — These libraries help facilitate notifications and wallet-to-wallet chat. While helping with the scaffolding, these libraries also contribute to the user interface.
  3. Core Protocol — This framework contains the core functions required for Dialect to operate. Right now this framework supports one-to-one wallet messaging, with future plans for group wallet messaging.

Dialect is open source and ready to run “out of the box.”

Web3 Breakthrough

As a web3 user, your authentication into any dApp is your wallet.

When it comes to SocialFi, this will still be the case. The ability to communicate from wallet to wallet on the blockchain is a vital feature that’s previously gone unaddressed. Most people are hesitant to give their email, phone number, or authorize their web2 account(s) to communicate.

The social layer of web3 is ready for chat, email, and other address-to-address conversational needs to be met.

Future-Proofing Solana

With recent mobile web3 news, users and developers will begin onboarding to Solana at record pace.

Dialect will give Solana the mobile edge with its interactive approach to messaging. Web3 has a bit of a bad reputation for unintuitive user interfaces and confusing dApp notifications. Through Dialect, users can receive alerts about price changes, LTV updates, or any other messages a protocol would like to send.

The Solana ecosystem will greatly benefit from Dialect’s focus on integrating smart messaging into crypto.

Closing Thoughts

Until now, web3 wallets have been known as a relatively limited tool to buy, sell, and store financial assets.

Thanks to Dialect, they’re now being introduced as social tools that evolve the way we communicate. Anonymous messaging, verified messaging, and smart-contract-backed bot messaging are just the beginning of the SocialFi layer.

The future of the web is mobile, and we’re thrilled to be involved.

Interested in learning more?

We sat down with Dialect’s CEO, Chris Osborn, to discuss how and why they’re bringing messaging into web3 and what it means for your everyday on-chain experience.

Listen to the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.



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