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On 26th June, at 14:00 UTC, Slope Finance Global Partner Reyamrk had an AMA in Slope Finance Discord Community.

The AMA was attended by:

Slope Finance Global Partner Reymark

Slope Finance CM Echo

Can you please give us a brief introduction about What Slope Fiannce is?

Slope Finance is a community-based decentralized exchange built on Solana.

We provide fast connection, nearly-zero transaction fees and intuitive interface for users

We have four product lines:

Slope Wallet: the only cross-platform Wallet on Solana as well as the first access to NFT and Defi applications within the system;

Slope DEX: a decentralized exchange for the communities;

Slope Starter: designed to raise funds for the early-stage projects with high potential;

Slope Dao: the self-governing group of the community.

Slope Wallet just launched, More than 10K users involved in, What is the Role of Slope Wallet in Slope Finance?

Few wallets are supporting Solana chain and the experience is poor. Slope Wallet, as the first mobile app developed for Solana, can provide Slope DEx users with a more complete user experience. Slope Wallet aims to become the first entrance to the Solana ecology, and users can access

Defi, NFT, and other DApps of the Solana ecology through Slope Wallet.

Slope Wallet, as a non-custodial wallet, supports users to generate new or import existing Ethereum and Solana wallets within a few seconds. Users can store Ethereum and Solana assets and clone the

Ethereum assets on Solana with one click. Enjoy instant transactions with a cost of 1/1000 on Ethereum.

Slope Finance just won project-sponsored awards in Solana Season Hackathon (Global), Can you please share more details about this award?

Thank you for asking. Yes, We just won the project sponsors swards. Serum only votes for us. So. We really appreciate all supporters of Slope Finance. We just in the very beginning stage. We will add more features to our wallet, and provide better services for our users.

Can I ask your token economic mechanism? how will token distribute?

This is what community users and investors care about most.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $SLOPE

Community Rewards: 50% It is distributed to the community through influence mining, transaction mining, and pledge, etc. Allocation strategy will be modified through DAO governance.

Team and Consultant:20% Tokens are locked for one year after issuance and then released linearly within one year.

Slope Ecosystem Grants: 10% Used for project investment on the platform, while providing liquidity for the project, the platform obtains investment income. The income will be used to repurchase SLOPE or distributed to the community in the form of dividends. The specific strategy will be modified through DAO governance

Strategic investors:13% Initially unlocked 10%, unlocked 20% after three months, and the remaining 70% will be unlocked linearly within one year. (we have two rounds of Strategic investment)

Marketing: 5% Used for marketing and marketing activities, including but not limited to airdrops, etc.

IDO: 2% 100% unlocked.

Can you share with us more about your roadmap?

1. Slope Wallet: As you can see that we just start. In our Wallet download & Vote Rewards Activity, We also collected many feedbacks from community users. So we will gradually add more features to wallet and enrich more access to the application in Solana Ecosystem

2. Slope Starter: Participate in the project fundraising

3. Slope Dao: Participate in the Slope governance.

4. Use $SLOPE as transaction fee on Slope DEx.

5. Stake SLOPE to use advanced features of Slope DEx.

The following questions are from Twitter:

The $SLOPE token is built on the Solana. Why do you choose to build in Solana? How will you compete with your other competitors similar to your project with Solana?

Solana is a blockchain protocol that outperforms other existing public chains in terms of speed and efficiency. On the fast-growing public blockchain Solana, the transaction cost is close to $0.00001, and the blockchain can support up to 50,000 transactions per second. The block processing time is 400 milliseconds. With this support, Slope DEx can handle a large number of transactions without a fixed cost.

As you can see we have four products line: Slope Wallet, Slope Dex, Slope Starter, Slope Dao, this is a close loop ecosystem. Slope Wallet is the main tool for you to participant in everything in Slope Finance. Slope Star, you can help projects raise money in the early stage. After raising money, you need DEX to cash back the fund. Slope Dao is here for governance. To ensure that everything works well in this ecosystem.

There are many projects working on Solana wallet and spl wallet, Explain why slope will be better than others and why uses should adopt this rather than others?

Slope Wallet is the only cross-platform Wallet in the Solana ecosystem. Some only have chrome plug-ins. Some other wallet has app version. But Slope Finance is the one who supports both APP and Web versions. You can download here to experience our wallet: (IOS) (Android)

Slope Wallet is also available on Google Play and Chrome. Please download our wallet and feedback your user experience on Discord

How Do you planning to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to better understand your project?

Yes, for sure. As you can see that we just launched our wallet, only several days. Our first product Slope wallet launched less than a week, we gained more than 10k users on Twitter, Telegram, and discord.

We would like to say thank you for all your support.

At present, we only have an English community, but we hope to expand more local communities next. Some of our investors also share some connections locally. So we have big steps next. We also welcome local influencers' collaboration. Please feel free to contact us if you have interest in Slope. Let’s make wonders together.

Following the success of Solana; from the rate of 1–10, how likely Slope Finance can surpass or get to as close as the success of Sol, and why people should trust and invest in this project?

Thank you for such a good question. I am sure you must follow Solana long time. Actually, We choose to build on Solana mainly because of its speed and efficiency. After we launched our wallet activity, which you can check out here: Solana also notices our potential and contacted us. We are discussing investment right now.

Several days ago, we won project — Sponsered awards at Solana Global Season Hackathon. Serum vote the only one project. Yes. It was slope Finance.

Security and privacy matter the most. How does Slope Finance ensure such issues?

Security is always our top priority, let me explain it from 3 perspectives:

First of all, our core developers are from top-tier tech companies like Google, Facebook, Tencent, etc, with multi-years of security and anti-hack-related experience.

Secondly, we have submitted our codes to SlowMist for their audit, and the result is expected to come out very soon.

Thirdly, we were chosen by Serum and reached out by Solana. I am sure they have both done lots of work by carefully evaluating our team capacity and tech.

About Slope

Slope is a community-based decentralized Exchange built on Solana. It provides blazing-fast speed, nearly zero transaction fees, and intuitive interface to users. Our goal is to build a“Robinhood of DeFi”.

Launched-Slope Wallet: The first Cross-platform wallet for Solana

Coming soon- Slope DEX: the first Mobile DEX based on Serum and Solana.

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