Slope Finance Monthly Report -August

Dear Slope Finance Community,

Here we come to Sep, and we’d like to share our achievement with you all. Slope Finance officially announced that the seed round fundraising closed successfully, together with a crowded NFT launch campaign. Here are the details:

Product Development

  • Slope wallet supported NFT storage
  • DEX beta version launched and mainet final test completed
  • Slope wallet night mode updated on both Google Extention and mobile ends
  • Slope wallet staking function developed and tested
  • Wallet users experience has been optimized

Market Development

August 2–6, Slope Finance launched the Slope DEX Beta Bug Bounty experiencers recruitment plan. More than 2,000 users submitted the form. We will postpone the announcement of the winners list due to the delay of the App Store review. Please follow us on Twitter to get the latest notice


To celebrate the access of Slope wallet on Google Extention, Slope Finance launched an activity to promote the Google Extention installation with airdrops. More than 1,000 users installed Slope Wallet, and 3,000 users interacted with our Twitter.


On 18th August, Slope Finance offered another airdrop activity to celebrate $SOL ATH.

600+ users joined the Slope Telegram community and Discord community.


On 20th August, The Astronaut, an influencer in Solana ecosystem, made an infographic for Slope Finance.


On 23rd August, Slope Finance announced the seed round closed. Slope received investment from Alameda Research, Solana Capital, GSR, Rarestone Capital, SkyVision Venture, Fundamental Labs, NGC Ventures, Signum Capital, Ausvic Capital, 0xVentures, and Krypital Group.


On 27th, Slope Finance announced the upcoming Monster NFT Campaign. More NFT benefits will be announced, and please stay tuned.


On 31st August, Slope Chinese ambassador Eva had an AMA with Chinese community 8848. 8848 is one of the largest Chinese communities, which is helpful for Slope to crack into the Chinese market.


Download Slope Wallet at

App Store:

Google Play

Google Extention:

About Slope Finance

Slope Finance is a community-based decentralized Exchange built on Solana. It provides blazing-fast speed, nearly zero transaction fees, and an intuitive interface to users. Our goal is to build a ‘Robinhood of DeFi’.

Launched — Slope Wallet: The first Cross-platform wallet for Solana

Coming soon — Slope DEX: the first Mobile DEX based on Serum and Solana.

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Slope Wallet — your web3 navigator. For the curious! The easiest way to discover web3 applications from one secure place.

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Slope Finance

Slope Finance

Slope Wallet — your web3 navigator. For the curious! The easiest way to discover web3 applications from one secure place.

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