Slope Finance Monthly Report-December

Slope Finance had been on a fast flywheel over the past December. We nailed down one key partnership, kept onboarding DApps on Slope Wallet, and launched a bunch of events. Let’s check it out:

Slope Finance Joins Forces with MoonPay

We have partnered with MoonPay, a leading crypto payments infrastructure company, to offer an industry-first wallet with a fiat on-ramp into the Solana ecosystem. This partnership offers easy access to Slope’s quarter of a million users who embrace the full spectrum of offerings from cryptocurrency purchases to NFT minting capability.

DApps Integration

You are enabled to access more DApps via Slope Wallet in an efficient way.

Full more details in the full article:

A Display of the Fifth Batch of DApps Integrated in Slope Wallet

Events Flashback

On the 9th of December, we disclosed our brand-new logo to embark on a new journey officially.

The day after, we made a poll on which logo do you prefer? The result shows that more than 87% of users love our new logo.

We launched the Happy Friday Puzzle Event on December 17th,2021, to reward the community.


On December 22nd, together with GooseFX, we launched the $GOFX Staking Fiesta. Users can stake $GOFX to win GooseFX’s NFTs.

On December 23rd, to celebrate Christmas with every user, Slope Xmas Stablecoin Staking Fiesta was launched with a total of 5,000USDC to share with participants.


A great many AMAs were held to have more pragmatic interactions and communications with our users:

· Slope Finance AMA with Sentre

· Slope Finance AMA with Francium

· Slope Finance AMA with 1Sol

· Slope Finance AMA with DeltaFi

· Slope Finance AMA with Crypto Miners

· Slope Finance AMA with Tradecoin Vietnam

· Slope Finance AMA with JPool on Solana

Something magical will be announced very soon!

About Slope Finance

Building the World’s Best Mobile Decentralized Exchange and Wallet.

Slope Finance, a community-driven full-stack platform that consists of the sectors of DEX, Wallet, and NFTs built atop Solana, provides blazing-fast speed, nearly-zero transaction fees, and an intuitive interface to users. Our goal is to forge a ‘Robinhood of DeFi.’

The firstly-launched Slope Wallet, as the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana, provides Slope DEX and Slope NFTs Market users with a better-than-ever user experience.



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