Slope Finance Monthly Report-November

Slope Finance
3 min readDec 3, 2021


November was another busy month for Slope Finance. We achieved some key multilevel progress in our product, marketing, and community. Let’s dive right in:

The 1.4.0 Slope Wallet App Launched

· Integrated the data source of NFT Floor further

· Optimized the Swap function

· Audio or video NFTs have been enabled in the Slope NFT Market

DApps Integration

The Slope ecological landscape has been extended continuously over the past month, more than 20 DApps had been integrated into Slope Wallet.

Click to find more details:

A Display of the Third Batch of Dapps Integrated in Slope Wallet

A Display of the Fourth Batch of Dapps Integrated in Slope Wallet

Events Flashback

On the 1st of November, Slope Finance shouted out to all the Slope Monster NFT Holders to unlock more future benefits.

Happily, Slope Wallet downloads reached 100,000 since its launch at the end of June.

The Slope Halloween NFTs can be claimed by users from Nov. 1st to Nov. 3rd


On Nov. 6th, the Slope Finance team attended the Lisbon Solana Summit, Slope Wallet can be found on the screens at the airport.

Slope Finance launched an airdrop event with Port Finance with a total of 10,000 USDC airdrops for community users.

Slope Finance launched The Slope Meme Competition with a total of 300USDC rewards.

Slope Finance kicked off the Slope Staking Carnival Session 1


· Slope Finance AMA with Larix

· Slope Finance AMA with Soda Protocol

· Slope Finance AMA with APY.TOP

· Slope Finance AMA with Ignite Crypto

Last but not the least, the Slope Official Turkey community had been established, if you are from these two countries, please join in.

More to be continued!



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