Slope Finance Monthly Report-October

Another busy month has gone by with a burst of activity for Slope Finance. We grew our team, launched the revamped products, and held a plethora of events. Here’s a roundup on how Slope Finance spent October:

Major Updates

Nucleus Launched on Slope Wallet 1.3.0

Nucleus, the Heartbeat of Solana, is a function that can help you keep in sync with the rank, news, and activities on Solana.

Swap Launched on Slope Wallet 1.3.0

Swap ensures that you can swap your assets seamlessly and smoothly.

In addition, we’d like to point out that you are allowed to change your login password and activate your face ID or Touch ID, and shift between light mode and dark mode in the “My Profile” section.

Subsequently, we plan to add the NFT market which includes the marketplace and the NFT rankings. In the NFT market, users can list their own NFTs via Slope wallet, and they can view other people’s listed NFTs listed for buy or sell. Also, users are able to find a specific NFT or project through the search bar. For a customized experience, a filter will be enabled for users.

DApps Integration

The Slope ecosystem has been broadened in October, Slope Wallet has integrated a wide array of DApps covering DeFi and GameFi, specifically Symmetry, Cyclos, Saber, Parrot, Sunny, DeFi Land, GooseFX, Solyard, Phantasia, Hedgehog, Soda, Socean, Acumen, Plutos, PsyOptions, Fabric, SYPool,, Solatoken, Cryptolizers. More are on the way!

You can go through the article to learn more details: A Roundup of the First Batch of Dapps Integrated in Slope Finance Wallet

Events Flashback

Slope Finance Sticker Contest

We launched a Sticker Contest on Oct. 1. The community members were encouraged to design Slope-themed stickers to win 30,000 $SLOPE. This event lasted for 7 days with more than 2000 users submitting the Google form.

Slope Finance Review Contest on Google Play and App Store Airdrop went Live on Oct. 4. A total of 3,673 users shared their reviews with us.

Slope Airdrop Season came out on Oct. 8. The users who voted for us in the Solana Season Hackathon in June were rewarded by us.

The Nucleus Shrilling Contest was kicked off with a total of 30,000 $SLOPE to be split on Oct. 15.

Users were allowed to vote for their favorite projects in Solana Ignition Hackathon via Slope mobile wallet on Oct. 18. The top 5 projects are:



3️.Banksea Finance

4️.Circlepod Protocol


To pre-celebrate this upcoming Halloween, we prepared a total of 5,000 Halloween NFT Airdrops for our community users. Users can claim their NFT on Slope Mobile wallet by submitting a Google form on Oct. 25. It is worth mentioning that this event is listed by Dropsearn.


We had an AMA with Halvings Capital on Oct. 14, here is the transcript in case you missed it out.

Besides, In October, a series of AMAs were held to reach a broader audience and have more interactions with community members.

1. AMA with Halvings Capital

2. AMA with Apricot Finance

3. AMA with Ox Ventures

4. AMA with Crypto Nesia

5. Quora Inner Circle

6. AMA with SYP Protocol

7. AMA with Goose FX

8. AMA with Solyard Finance

9. AMA with Cropper Finance

Last but not the least, the Slope Official Korea and Japan community had been built respectively, if you are from these two countries, please join in.



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