Slope Finance Won Solana Season Hackathon Dual Honors, Slope Cross-Platform Wallet Launched

Slope Finance
2 min readJul 4, 2021

Slope Finance Won Solana Hackathon (Global/Asia) Dual Honors.

Slope Finance won the Serum Prize of Solana Global Season Hackathon on June 23 (click here for details) and won the fourth place in Solana Hackathon Asia Round 1on 4th July(check out details here)

Solana Global Season Hackathon and Asian Season Hackathon introduction:

The Solana Global Season hackathon is the largest online hackathon in history. More than 13,000 participants registered. over 350 teams including East Asia and Vietnam, India, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Brazil submitted multiple projects covering DeFi, NFT, Web3 and other tracks. The judges selected 39 outstanding projects including Slope Finance.

The Solana Season Hackathon Asia was organized by DoraHacks and lasted two months. Slope Finance won the Xth place, won a total of XX million US dollars in community donations and prize pool awards, and drew attention from investment institutions.

Slope Wallet is available on Chrome now!

Slope Chrome is available on chrome. Slope Wallet is the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana. With its excellent user experience, the mobile wallet has been downloaded and supported by 10,000+ users within one week, More than 3,000 download users share their experiences about Slope Wallet such as Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

Slope Wallet Download & Vote Campaign Winners will be announced in mid-July

Slope wallet download & vote rewards Campaign was ended on June 27th. You can check more detail here. Winners will be announced before mid-July. It is expected that 2,200 community members will be rewarded. Please follow us on Twitter and join our community Telegram or Discord for the latest news.

About Slope

Slope is a community-based decentralized Exchange built on Solana. It provides blazing-fast speed, nearly zero transaction fees, and intuitive interface to users. Our goal is to build a“Robinhood of DeFi”.

Launched-Slope Wallet: The first Cross-platform wallet for Solana

Coming soon- Slope DEX: the first Mobile DEX based on Serum and Solana.

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