Slope Finance x APY. Top AMA Recap

On Nov 26th, Slope Finance was pleased to invite APY. TOP Business Development Manager Riot to share some new developments about APY.TOP. Here is the AMA Recap:

1. Could you tell us about your team and the story behind creating this project?

The core members are composed of world-renowned universities and have worked for mature Internet giants. Since 2017, we have been exploring blockchain.
We have rich experience in project research and development. The technical team comes from developers who are deeply involved in the blockchain field. The team also includes technical and financial reserves such as statisticians and data security experts.
First of all, there are too many projects and they are fickle. Therefore, it is difficult for users to find them quickly.
More importantly, different projects have different UI and interaction methods. Users can only participate after learning and understanding, which makes the experience uneven.

Last but not least, most of the current projects and DeFi tools are still concentrated on the PC, and the support for the mobile terminal is not perfect, which limits the time period and scenarios used.

Although there are many opportunities in the DeFi world, the market is changing with each passing day. Currently, there is no mobile app based on APY ranking that can help users discover, search and analyze DeFi projects as soon as possible.

For example, I want to know which USDT or ETH staking pool has the highest APY return across multiple chains? Which staking pool’s TVL&APY is growing fast? What is the changing trend of TVL&APY? When will the new project be launched? Many problems are mentioned above.

However, these difficulties motivate us to create a mobile portal for community users to participate and find opportunities for DeFi.

2. Could you explain to us the advantages of the Soapy APY.TOP project is?

APY.TOP, as the DeFi portal, collects most of the blockchain’s DeFi projects and brings together data that appears in the mobile-first interactive mode. Therefore, it can help users quickly discover and analyze new or valuable DeFi projects with high APY.

At present, the DeFi data of 14 chains has been supported, and more public chain data will be supported in the future.

We can choose different types of DeFI projects in different public chains, such as single, stable, LP, lending. You can also find the items with the highest APY or TVL by filtering and ranking.

3. At what stage has the Soapy APY.TOP reach so far? And what’s the next route?
Soapy APY.TOP officially released the first version in October and won the first batch of seeds and core users. Everyone is welcome to use the experience, and you can also put forward more valuable comments.

APY.TOP officially launched PC/Web on November 19th. It is more convenient for PC users to use our products.
The APP is already being tested and is expected to be launched in early December. The APP version will provide a new user reward mechanism for community user incentives.
And Soapy’s wallet function and Swap function will also be opened one after another.

The following is our roadmap plan.

We will post the product progress on Twitter. You can follow APY.TOP’s official Twitter:

4. The reward system of APY.TOP APP sounds very interesting. Could you please tell us the details of the reward system?
OK, in order to reward early users for their contributions, APY.TOP APP will open a user reward mechanism. Users can get a corresponding number of bubbles by completing tasks such as daily sign-in and friend invitations in the APP.
The bubble is a unique platform voucher of Soapy APY.TOP Bubble can be exchanged for airdrop, NFT, IDO, and other different rewards in the future. The higher the bubble level, the more rewards you will get.

5. Do you have any further plans for Soapy Finance? Such as financing、community building and so on?

Since Soapy Finance was launched, it has been adhering to the concept of building for the community. With the joint efforts of the Soapy community, we won first place in the hackathon voting of the Solana and Harmony public chains.

Based on the community, Soapy DAO will be established to manage Soapy Finance in the future, and all community members who hold SOAPY can participate in project governance.
Soapy DAO is the core of the entire Soapy Finance community. The mission of Soapy DAO is to promote the sustainable development of the Soapy Finance ecosystem, including product iteration, smart contract upgrades, SOAPY distribution, etc.
APY.TOP is just the beginning of DeFi, Soapy Finance will focus on the Swap function in the future.
Soapy Swap is a multi-chain DEX aggregator. It provides a K-line visualization tool for aggregated DEX to help users understand the trend of token prices.
Soapy Swap aggregates major DEXs on various public blockchains and provides a one-stop service to find the best prices and trading options for all types of encrypted assets. In addition, Soapy Swap supports the limit order book function for all users.

Regarding financing, more than a dozen investment institutions have already contacted us and want to participate in Soapy’s seed round financing plan, we are still actively communicating with investment institutions around the world.

6. Do have plans to launch your own NFT or Gamefi?
Yes, our team is planning its own NFT and Gamefi. Regarding NFT, it is still in the inner stage, so it is inconvenient to disclose too many details. It is expected that NFT will be launched in December, and there will be airdrops at that time, you can pay attention to Soapy Telegram:
As for Gamefi, currently in the planning stage, there is no specific launch time. For related information, you can follow Soapy’s official Twitter:

The Following 5 questions are from Twitter:

1. What makes you stand out among those so many projects? What is your roadmap? Can you introduce more details about your team?

A: There is no multi-chain aggregation platform on the market yet! This is a good starting point!
The roadmap can be viewed at
The team introduction can check the first question!

2. As a Defi aggregator, how do you collect all Defi project information? How to ensure the accuracy of the information? What do you think the product needs to be strengthened now? What is the next goal of the project?
A: Because we have a large operation team, we can interact with every public chain! This is the fundamental reason why we guarantee data accuracy! Of course, excellent development technology is also indistinguishable!

Where to strengthen? I personally think that the power of some community volunteers should be strengthened! Help us develop communities around the world!
If you have the idea of ​​becoming one of us, you can send your resume to the email:

3. At present, which platform do you obtain the most users? What is the current user base? Which country is the main user group from? What are the next steps of the market strategies?

A: Which platform has more users! This is unpredictable! The user group comes from some DeFi elites! Countries from the UK. Indonesia. China. America. South Korea. Japan. Vietnam. India.

We will unite some encrypted advertisements, public chain news, and Kol. Come for publicity and promotion! Our app

Of course, compare marketing strategies! We pay more attention to the opinions of community members!

4. Can you reveal the development progress? How to confirm that the UX on the mobile phone will be better than on the PC? How many language versions will be released?

A: The PC version and the mobile version have their own advantages! This depends on the user’s personal preference!

We released the PC version last week, and the APP version will be online at the end of this month! There are more ways to play in the APP! Welcome everyone to discover!

5. NFT is hot recently, will you consider the NFT market? Is it convenient to disclose the product progress of Swap and DAO?

A: Certainly! This is our planned NFT that will also be online! But not now, we will announce it on Twitter if it goes live!

The swap will be launched in the public beta at the beginning of next year or the end of 2021

DAO has already raised it in the above question! You can check the record


APY.TOP is the first project launched under Soapy Finance.
APY.TOP is a multi-chain DeFi project aggregation platform. The first to support APY&TVL rankings, the source and data pool of most public chain DeFi projects, appearing in a mobile-first interactive mode to help users easily discover and analyze high APY or new valuable DeFi projects.

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