Slope Halloween NFTs Crazy Night

1. Introduction

Evidently, the NFT market in 2021 has brought another wave of craze since the Defi summer last year. Because the global NFT trading volume continues to break new highs, the price of a single NFT breaks records over and over again, and the rapid development of the NFT market is driving the digitization of traditional artworks while subverting the existing form of traditional works of art, the existence of NFTs make the market more unpredictable.

The value of NFT comes from its exchange value and its use value. The exchange value originates from its purchasing power, which can form a peer-to-peer transaction with fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies, and its use value comes from its entertainment value and collection value, social value, subsistence value, based on these attributes of NFT, so NFT has started a new trend.

NFT now has set off a new crypto art feast all over the globe. Slope finance, as one of the NFT evangelists, will participate in the construction of the NFT world with global crypto enthusiasts. Also, the NFT field is a sector that Slope currently attaches great importance to. The key features currently being developed by the Slope team include NFT. The current NFT-centric functions in Slope Wallet include NFT trading and NFT dashboard, and NFT search filter. Therefore, the event will be an opportunity for us to present ourselves in front of a broader audience.

This year’s Halloween is coming! Based on the current popularity of NFT and in order to help NFT enthusiasts have a better channel to participate in NFT games, Slope will host “Halloween NFTs Crazy Night”. Participants of this event will have the opportunity to receive NFT rewards customized by the Slope team and airdrops. What a rare opportunity! If this event tickles your heart, please check out the following details!

  1. Details

Name: Halloween Crazy Night

Time: Oct. 25, 2021 — Oct. 29, 2021


1. Slope’s NFTs are specially designed for our global community, and the total amount is limited.

2. The total number of NFT is 5,000.

3. Winners please claim NFTs within the specified time, otherwise, they will not be able to claim.

4. All Slope Finance NFTs will also be used as vouchers, stay tuned for activities in the future.

How to participate?

1. Fill in the Google Form with the screenshot of the Slope Wallet address, then copy and paste your address.

2. The winners will be randomly selected and announced by the Slope team.

3. Winners can claim the NFT via Slope wallet App at the specified time.

Winner Announcement

Winners will be announced by 10:00 am Oct 31th UTC.

Winners can claim their NFT at Slope Mobile Wallet on 12:00 pm Nov 1st UTC. Users only have 48 hours to claim NFT.


l. If you transfer your assets to our address mistakenly, the Slope team will not refund.

2. Each participant has only 1 chance to apply for NFT.

3. NFT will be distributed within 24 hours.

If you are new to Slope Wallet, you can download Slope Wallet first on your phone:


Google Play:

Besides getting the NFT and airdrops, we do hope you will be more familiar with Slope’s products! Inviting your friends to participate in this event is also welcomed. We look forward to hearing your Halloween screams!

If you have any questions regarding this event, please get in contact with us via the channels below.



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