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Slope Staking Carnival Session 1 — Larix Staking

To enliven and cement our community considerably, we decided to launch the Slope staking carnival

Time: 8:00 am November 25–8:00 am December 2 UTC


1. During the event, after users use Slope Wallet to import or create a wallet to stake $LARIX, users who meet the conditions will get the $LARIX airdrop.

2. After the event is over, rewards will be distributed based on the total staking amount of $LARIX per user during the event. The reward rules are as follows:

$LARIX total staking amount


20,000 ≤ $LARIX<50,000 200 $LARIX + 20 USDT

50,000 ≤ $LARIX<100,000 500 $LARIX + 30 USDT

100,000 ≤ $LARIX<200,000 1,000 $LARIX + 50 USDT

*Total 200,000 $LARIX + 1,000 USDC to be shared

3. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event ends;

4. Join Larix ( and Slope Finance ( official Telegram groups if you have any questions during the event;

5. During the event, staking snapshots will be taken from time to time, and users who break the rules will be disqualified;

6. The final interpretation of this event belongs to Larix and Slope Finance.


1. Enter the Slope Wallet App and click on “DApp Browser”;

2. Click on the “Staking” icon;

3. Stake $LARIX;

4. During the event, you are allowed to stake $LARIX multiple times;

5. After the event ends, users need to withdraw the staking $LARIX by themselves.


Q1: Can the staking $LARIX be withdrawn at any time?

A: During the event, only $LARIX staking will be supported. The staking $LARIX can be withdrawn after the event.

Q2: How to claim the rewards?

A: Users who meet the conditions will receive the $LARIX airdrop within 7 working days after the event ends. Please check your wallet in time.

Q3: Larix Contract Address:

A: ALrxqnh6ZHKbGy3dcrCED43nsoLkM1LTzU2jRfWe8qUC

Q4: Where can I trade $LARIX?

A: Currently, $LARIX can be traded on CEXs such as MEXC and, DEXs such as Raydium, Orca, and Tulip.

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