Slope Wallet Referral Program-To share up to 100,000USDT

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3 min readJan 4, 2022

Slope wallet aims to be the best mobile gateway for Solana Eco, hence it is striving to create a convenient and secure mobile digital asset management tool for Solana users.

Since the official launch, Slope wallet has made great achievements in the past few months, the number of our users has exceeded 250,000, which can not be accomplished without the joint efforts of the team, as well as investors and partners. As the year 2022 is here, in order to return every user, Slope decided to release the Slope Wallet Referral Program. If you are interested, please go through the following rules carefully.

●Event Name: Slope Wallet Referral Program- To share up to 100,000USDT


  1. Become a Slope Wallet user during the campaign, then you can generate an exclusive invitation link/poster on the event page on the Slope Wallet App;

2. Invite your friends to download Slope Wallet App and you can participate in the event to win rewards;

3. The number of invitees and rewards are as follows

4. After the event, the addresses of the top 10 Slope wallet accounts will be announced, and an additional airdrop of 100–3000 USDT will be distributed;

5. This event only supports first-level referrals;

6. This event is only eligible for Slope Wallet App users;

7. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to Slope Finance.


  1. Click on ‘Browser’ in Slope Wallet App
  2. Click on ‘Referral Program’ in the Banner
  3. Share Invite Link or Poster to friends


  1. Only the sub-level invited users who download and create a Slope wallet will be regarded as qualified invitations for the event;

2. You will be disqualified if any types of cheating are found during the event;

3. The wallet address bound with the same device and the same IP is invalid;

4 . The list of winners will be announced within 5 working days after the event;

5. The rewards will be distributed within 3 working days after the winner's list is announced;

6. The final interpretation of this event belongs to Slope Finance.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact us via the following channels:



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Slope Finance, a community-driven full-stack platform that consists of the sectors of DEX, Wallet, and NFTs built atop Solana, provides blazing-fast speed, nearly-zero transaction fees, and an intuitive interface to users. Our goal is to forge a ‘Robinhood of DeFi’.

The firstly-launched Slope Wallet, as the first cross-platform wallet built for Solana, provides Slope DEX and Slope NFTs Market users with a better-than-ever user experience.



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