The First Solana-Centric NFT Mobile Gateway -Slope NFT Market Officially Launched

Since CryptoPunks drove the rise of crypto art three years ago, NFT thrust into the limelight overnight, but at that time NFT was not that popular, it was in 2021 that the NFT market really made people understand the charm of NFT, the NFT market staged a magic story, after two years of immersion, the NFT market in the summer of 2021 alongside DeFi again ushered in the unprecedented expansion, since NFT assets in 2021 are in huge demand, key indicators keep continuing to rise (total transaction volume, average transaction price, active wallet address, number of buyers and sellers) NFT market is gaining rapid development at an exponential speed.

For now, the average daily trading volume of the NFT market has exceeded $43 million, the average NFT transaction price has exceeded $2,400, and the number of active market wallet addresses has exceeded 140,000. The NFT market of Ether is still the largest contributor, as the presence of Opensea, as well as Cryptopunks, contributes a large volume of transactions. But since the uptrend of Solana in 2021, this situation we are facing completely changing, with the leading Solana marketplace currently attracting 75,000 active users per week, and Solana is brewing a digital art revolution as its three NFT marketplaces (Solanart, DigitalEyes Market, Solana Monkey Business) have brought over 75,000 active wallet addresses and $179,000,000 in transaction volume in the last seven days, and Solanart, Solana Monkey Business are currently storming into the top 10 NFT markets and surpassing the prevailing NFT projects on Ether, such as Foundation and NeftyBlocks.

In the predictable future, it is ascertained that Solana’s NFT market will be different from the current market because Solana’s ecological development is showing an unstoppable force, thus the NFT market will become bigger, and it will form a great challenge to the NFT market based on the Ethereum network, but we can’t overlook the fact that based on the current more and more top-tier Solana NFT market, the market lacks a unified NFT market mobile platform, in which Solana users can easily access the NFT market through a portal and be able to make NFT transactions, view NFT rankings, transaction data information, etc., but it is obvious that the realization of this scenario will not take any longer. Because Slope wallet is making the dream come true!

Slope NFT Market officially launched

Slope wallet has undergone an upgrade, with the latest version 1.4.0 of the Slope wallet featuring the latest Slope NFT Market, which means that Solana’s users can easily access the NFT Market through Slope Wallet. The official launch of the Slope NFT Market means that Solana users can access the NFT Market through its mobile portal and are able to trade NFT, view NFT rankings, trade data information, and more seemlessly! The Slope NFT Market currently has two sections: Market and Rank.

  • Market

In Slope NFT Market, Market is one of the main service platforms.

● In Market, users can see all NFT project parties currently on the Solana ecosystem, and click on the project party portal at the top to view detailed information about that NFT project, including (NFT project profile, minimum price, total number of transactions, number of issues)

● On the premise that the wallet has enough balance, users can buy their preferred NFTs directly in this section, and only need to jump to the third-party platform to make transactions, which is super fast and convenient.

● NFT in the Market for the current popular NFT, sorting rules default to 7 days to view the highest number of hot items. And the filter can view the most number of NFT, the latest NFT in the market, the price from high to low or low to high NFT, and NFT with the highest number of followers. At the same time, the search offers an option that can search based on the NFT name or project name to facilitate the process.

  • Rank

Rank is the data ranking center in Slope NFT Market, where users can view information about the Solana NFT market such as data ranking whenever they want to.

● Users will be able to see Total Floor Value, Total Listed NFT, and Total holders of the current Solana NFT Market, which will give you a clear view of the current overall data of the NFT Market.

●In the Rank list, users will see the ranking of major NFT projects, mainly based on the TFV value, in descending order, allowing users to understand the basic value of mainstream NFT projects in the market through a three-dimensional visualization of project ranking changes.

● Click on a project in the ranking, users can switch to Dashboard, Listed Tokens, Rarity three different sub-menus, in these three menus, users can check detailed NFT project information, including (Owners ranking, Floor Price, Average, etc.). You can buy the Listed Tokens that from third-party platforms.

By aggregating the traffic of Solana NFT Market, Slope Wallet users can have an NFT Market overview in one touch, users can access NFT transaction, data query, ranking, and other comprehensive experiences through the mobile gateway of Slope NFT Market. Slope NFT Market is not only an important part of Slope Wallet, it will also be the first mobile portal for Solana users to approach the NFT market!

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